we manifest ourselves (Trailer) - Best Music Video Of The Month (APRIL , MAY 2017)

Only Trailer Available

Director: - Rita Figueiredo

Genre: - Music Video, Brazilian music

Language: - English, Portuguese

Country: - Unites States of America

Duration : - 3 minutes 14 seconds


Benji Kaplan hears and reproduces nature in “A Gente Se Manifesta”

Music video extracted from the álbum Uai Sô (2016) directed and Photographed by Rita Figueiredo. Nature allows you to familiarize yourself and explore space. Outside the areas occupied by skyscrapers, dwellings, factories and infertile lands, contact with what man has not interfered with raises an expression that requires another language. Musically, it has flutes, clarinets, violins, cello and viola that, dynamically, dialogue with the immensity of nature's pure air.