Unexpected Confrontation (Trailer) - BEST FEATURE FILM OF THE MONTH (NOVEMBER-2018)

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Director: - Luis Lobato Macedo

Genre: - Drama, Crime, Suspense

Language: - Portuguese

Country: - Portugal

Duration : - 1 hour 20 minutes 10 seconds

Synopsis: - You'll enjoy it the first time you see it; you'll LOVE it the second!When a police detective drives her way to a typical day at work, she soon finds out Reality can be way stranger than the Twilight Zone. This ironic, provocative and yet realistic portrait of modern day Society induces the spectator to reflect on the sham Life sometimes turns out to be, where deception and betrayal thrive every minute we interact with each other.«(...) an entertaining plot that takes place for the most part in a police department, where a single case becomes much bigger than we could think of, involving all the characters in unexpected psychology and plot twists (...)»«(...) very rich in philosophical arguments and plot evolutions (...)»«We cannot expect what’s going to happen until the very end and the characters are intelligently intertwined.»in Rome Independent PRISMA Awards Review