Twin Stars - Best LGBT Film Of The Month (SEPTEMBER 2016)

Password: ikizyildizlar

Director: - Mehmet Tığlı

Genre: - Short, Drama

Language: - Turkish

Country: - Turkey

Duration : - 17 minutes 32 seconds


Can and Cihan are identical twins. They live in Büyükada-Prince Island with their family. First we see their period when they are 10-years old. Can is more emotional and feverish, while Cihan is more even-tempered and dominant. At night, their family send them to get some quell water from a quell a bit further away from their house. Leaving their plastic cans by the quell, they start counting the stars in the grass area behind the quell and they choose 2 of the brightest stars of all and imagine them as their own universes. They give the names Castor and Pollux to these two stars just like in the story their granny used to tell. Castor is Cihan’s, and Pollux Can’s. On another night, the weather is very cloudy. They fail to find Pollux, which is one of the brightest stars. The same night, Can’s plastic can has been stolen by the quell, and Can is very disappointed. Cihan hugs his brother.