THE DUMB CAT - Best Editor Of The Month (FEBRUARY 2018)

Password: premiere77

Director: - Paolo Cipolletta

Genre: - Short, Drama, Fiction

Language: - Italian

Country: - Italy

Duration : - 15 minutes


Moncherì is a young transsexual man with many merits. His dream is to open his own craftshop one day, but he is forced to prostitute himself to survive. He loves his cat “Life “ so much to establish a symbiotisc relationship with it. One of Moncheri's most steady “guest” is a rude man passionate about transsexuals: the Police Commissioner Cuccurullo. Moncherì is very fond of him despite everything. Moncherì is also very religious, though he loves to live his religion as well as life : in a personal way and free from every preconception. Moncherì meets Anna for the first time exactly in a church. Anna is a middle-aged bourgeois woman, married and without children. With cold and lucid determination, she will use the transsexual to get what she wants, that is a child. Unfortunately, in this sea of ​​unhappiness and sadness another human being will be dragged. His name is Christian, a young student who will succeed in conquering Moncherì with his candor and his sincerity. At the end Moncherì will be forced to move away from him only to protect him . Christian's life, at this point, will not last long: abandoned by Moncherì, he will die hanging in the dim light of his room