Te Echo de Menos -Best LGBT Film Of The Month (April 2016)

Password: tedm2017

Director: - Yuki Yoshimatsu

Genre: - Short, Student

Language: -English, Spanish

Country: - Unites States of America

Duration : - 17 minutes


Struggling artist Daena Grey, and her girlfriend, Liora Guerra's relationship is different. Not only must they face the many hardships of being in a relationship, but they must also fight another demon: Daena's depression. As the two lovers try to fight for their relationship, Daena's yearning to end it all grows. This causes Liora to struggle to keep Daena from suicide and harm, making her become overprotective. As they both struggle with their own selfishness, they soon face the cruel reality that love does indeed blind us, and sometimes the only way to truly love someone is by letting go.