RETURN from the HUNT - Best Short Film Of The Month (FEBRUARY 2018)

Password: cansuvari1525

Director: - RECEP ÇAVDAR

Genre: - Short

Language: - Turkish

Country: - Turkey

Duration : - 11 minutes 57 seconds


While İsmail was returning from the hunt to his village he encountered the shepherd of the village, Mehmet. Mehmet is a pure man, he is only pure, not crazy. Mehmet invites İsmail to the tree's shadow where he was sitting. Because the heat and tiredness overwhelmed Ismail, he accepted the invitation. He answers Mehmet's hunting questions. Mehmet shows to İsmail a fairly distant tree and asks him if he can shoot or not his cap, if he got and stand there by the three. İsmail tells that he can hit the cap from that distance. At the end they make a bet. While Mehmet stood infront of İsmail by the far tree, İsmail regreted it, but he couldn't backpedal. Mehmet slowly placed the cap on his head and Ismail perturbedly aim his gun to the target and pull the trigger with fear. As soon as the bullet was fired, sheepherd Mehmet collapsed. When the old dog saw that his owner fell down, quickly he runs toward to owner and attacked him.