Path to salvation - Best Student Short Film Of The Month (OCTOBER 2017)

Password: year1

Director: - Shuntian Jiang

Genre: - Short, Student

Language: -Chinese, English

Country: - Unites States of America

Duration : - 15 minutes


Synopsis: 10 years ago Lu discovered she is a lesbian when she changing with other women in the locker room before her baptism. Now she comes to US alone to find her ex-girlfriend Xiaolong. When she meets her landlord photographer Jamel, she has a strange feeling. After she settle down she goes to Xiaolong’s school and tries to find her, but she sees Xiaolong has a new girlfriend. At the same time her mother sends her verses from the bible and rebukes her for being gay. She goes back to Jamel’s place feeling upset and got drunk, she expresses her feeling about Jamel and kisses him. When she gets sober next morning she can’t accept a man, she leaves Jamel and goes to find Xiaolong. Long encourages her to follow her heart and don’t label herself. Lu finally picks up her courage to find Jamel, and she texts her dad that she has feeling about a man. When she goes back to Jamel’s place she finds Jamel is killed by people who are offended by his photos. Few days later Lu goes to airport pick up her parents, her mom hugs her because she thought God ‘cures’ her, but her tears fall down because of Jamel’s death.