November -2017 (Winner of the Month)

Best Film of the Month

Lost between two stars​

Director: Thomas Guyot

Best Short Film of the Month


Director: Cabbar Alp

Best Student Short Film of The Month


Director: Sam Kolber

Best Animation Film of The Month

Not Enough Entries

Best Feature Film of The Month

Not Enough Entries

Best LGBT Film of The Month


Director: Philippe SOLANGE

Best Web Series of The Month

The Heritage

Director: Felipe Vianna

Best Music Video of The Month

Whisper in the wind

Director: Julien Lascar

Best Documentary/ Non-Fiction Film of The Month

Sudep (Sudden & Unexpected)​

Director: Tanzeal Rahim

Best Director of The Month

White Jeans

Director: GH Ridpath

Best Female Filmmaker of The Month


Director: Naima Chebahi

Best Screen Writer of The Month

The Weeping Woman​

Director: Isaac Rodriguez

Best Editor of The Month

The Birthday Party​

Director: GH Ridpath, Noah Ferche

Best D.O.P of The Month


Director:Damian Overton

Best Audience Choice Award of The Month​

The Bill Comes Due

Director: Alaura Morris

Best Jury Award of The Month


Director: Shane Brar