November - 2016 (Official Selection)

Catpacolypse: Bon Bon the Demon Cat​

Gregory Robins

13 minutes



7 minutes 38 seconds



Ken Davis

1 minute 5 seconds

United States

She Gives Me Sight

Jiping Liu

8 minutes 23 seconds

United States

Vienna table trip​

Virgil Widrich

1 minute 22 seconds


The Long Goodbye: An Alzheimers Story​

Christian J Harris

5 minutes 42 seconds

United States

Fallen Redemption​

David Schifter

22 minutes 51 seconds

United States

The Salt Flat People

Patrick Almaguer

4 minutes 20 seconds

United States

150 KG​

Yulia Maximova

5 minutes


Diors Samurai

Zheng Kang

2 minutes 58 seconds

United States

Una historia con Cristo y Jesus / A Tale with Christ and Jesus​

Oldren Romero

30 minutes


The Petulant Penguin

Michael Mintz

4 minutes 2 seconds

United States

2 Become

Romain Douchin, Mikael Buxton

11 minutes 14 seconds



Gung-Kai Koo

3 minutes

United States

Forgetting Sandy Glass

David Wenzel

1 hour 10 minutes

United States

Fatale (Lethal)

Mathias Walter

6 minutes


The Burning Room​

Bill Albert

15 minutes

United States

Pride and Protest in Iowa City

Bill Albert

6 minutes 13 seconds

United States

Shoot Her - Life of an actor​

Mansi Mehra

3 minutes 10 seconds

United States

boy meets boy​

Jonathan MacPherson

9 minutes 56 seconds


Pottstown, A love letter

Chad Repko

1 minute 57 seconds

United States

Another Side of The World​

Dandelion Lin

13 minutes 29 seconds

United States