Night of the Living Dead: Supercharged Edition - Best Feature Film of the Month (August 2018)

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Director: - Mike Mintz

Genre: - Horror

Language: - English

Country: - United States

Duration : - 1 hour 14 minutes 43 seconds

Synopsis: - The original zombie classic movie has been brought back to life. George A. Romero's first film and the genre starting black and white original has been re-edited and souped up. The pacing is much quicker, the visual effects are modernized and there is a whole new updated score. So not only does it look great it sounds absolutely fresh. If it wasn't black and white, you might think it was made sometime this year. This is more than a new paint job. Visionary filmmaker Mike Mintz took on this problem and has re-worked the original public domain film into something of a fast paced action thriller which is equal parts humorous and awesome.If you have never seen the original film, this is the way you should become acquainted with it. A sleeker look, a faster pace, and a much more mainstream concoction. The original is a tough watch for fans of films made in this modern era, it's pacing is too slow, it's violence is not up to par and worst of all it's soundtrack is horribly dated. The Supercharged Edition is the best way to introduce new and old fans alike. If you are a fan of the original, trust me, you have never seen THIS movie before.