May - 2016 (Winner of the Month)

Best Film of the Month

Kissa - The Story​

Director: Chandan Jha

Best Short Film of the Month


Director: Frank Fonz

Best Student Short Film of The Month

A Public Love Affair

Director: Isaac Ogle

Best Narrative Short Film of The Month

The Return

Director: Justin Dabill, Travis Kerr

Best Web Series of The Month

Cut & Confidences

Director: Laurent Everaerts

Best Music Video of The Month

Robot Koch & Delhia de France - ‘Dark Waves’ (official video)

Director: Sven D.

Best LGBT Film of The Month

Façades: The Web Series

Director: Ariel Mahler, Christopher Moss, Milan Dzaja

Best Trailer of The Month

The Foreverlands trailer

Director: Kyle Kauwika Harris

Best PSA of The Month

Allow Saudi Women to Drive

Director: Noor Al Yaseen

Best Special Mention of The Month

All the Way Down

Director: Rashida Davison

Best Commercials of The Month

Not Enough Entries