Marika… why be afraid - Best Documentary Film of the Month (AUGUST 2021)

Only Trailer Available

Director: - Matthaios Frantzeskakis

Genre: -

Language: - English, German, Modern Greek (1453-), Spanish

Country: - Greece

Duration : - 14 minutes 40 seconds

Synopsis: On the fifth day of the Battle of Crete, Saturday 24 of May 1941, three Germans pass by the village of Kakopetros in the Municipality of Platanias, Chania, and approach the home of Antonis Loufardakis, located next to a creek below the central street.

Without any reason at all, they enter their home and kill with automatic weapons five women and a two-year old child.

Five-year old Maria witnessed everything, while remained hidden under the bed. Maria shares with us her story and remembers her father saying: Marika… why be afraid?!.