March - 2018 ( Winner of the Month)

Best Film of the Month


Director: Paul Kelly

Best Short Film of the Month

Not Alone

Director: Jordan Dean

Best Student Short Film of The Month


Director: Wynand Louw

Best Animation Film of The Month

Not Enough Entries​

Best Feature Film of The Month

Not Enough Entries​

Best LGBT Film of The Month

When a child comes out​

Director: Elijah Nielson

Best Web Series of The Month

Pugs, the webseries

Director: Oriol López

Best Music Video of The Month

TonAsh - The One

Director: Ashton Newbold/TonAsh

Best Documentary/ Non-Fiction Film of The Month


Director: Doug Fraser

Best Director of The Month


Director: Davide Melini

Best Female FilmMaker of The Month

Not Enough Entries​

Best Screen Writer of The Month​


Director: Chou Yu Cheng

Best Editor of The Month

Hero Complex​

Director: Mohamad AlYamani

Best D.O.P Of The Month

The Blind Man​

Director: Bohdan Revkevych

Best Jury Award Of The Month

The World Can Wait

Director: Deborah Espect

Best Audience Choice Award OF The Month


Director: Davide Melini