Divine Consultants - The Beginning (Trailer) - Best Animation Film of the Month (August 2018)

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Director: - Juha FIilin

Genre: - Adventure, film noir, sci-fi

Language: - English

Country: - Finland

Duration : - 8 minutes

Synopsis: - Joy Amicable, 16, stands at a crossroads. Domestic problems arise between Joy’s parents, who have different priorities in life. Joy’s mother is worried about their safety and shows signs of wanting to leave Joy’s father. Joy’s dad is preoccupied by his esoteric research project. Meanwhile, a wave of corporate dystopia is crashing over Joy’s sleepy hometown. Joy feels her family is being watched by the corporate agents. She believes her family is in danger.Divine Consultants - The Beginning is a web series for teenagers and young adults. The plot is heavily serialised to support binge watching and the short episodes are designed to work on mobile devices.