December - 2018 (Winner of the Month)

Best Film of the Month

Midway Home​

Director: Fabian Cardenas

Best Short Film of the Month

The Scorpion´s Tale

Director: Jhosimar Vasquez

Best Student Film of the Month

Left Behind

Director: Jordan-Paige Sudduth

Best Animation Film of the Month

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Feature Film of the Month

"Not Enough Entries"

Best LGBT Film of the Month

"Not Enough Entries"

Best Web Series of the Month

It's You

Director: Jeffrey Jon Smith

Best Music Video of the Month

"Bullet Proof"

Director: Paul Brenno

Best Documentary of the Month

The Evolution of Asheville

Director: Christopher W. Childers

Best Director of the Month


Director: Kamlesh K Mishra

Best Female Filmmaker of the Month

written by?

Director: Kankana Chakraborty

Best Screenwriter of the Month

Role Play​

Writer: Justin Katz

Best Editor of the Month


Editors: Cédric Close & Christophe Mavroudis

Best D.O.P of the Month


Cinematographer: Barrington Jennings ||

Best Jury Choice Award of the Month

Goodbye Mondays

Director: Michael Salmon