Born A Believer - Best Documentary/ Non-Fiction Film Of The Month (FEBRUARY 2018)

Director: - Darius Norowzian

Genre: - Documentary, Short, Sport

Language: - English

Country: - United Kingdom

Duration : - 11 minutes 30 seconds


Born A Believer is a documentary that shows how the charity 'Carney’s Community' helps ex-offenders and disaffected youths turn their lives around, breaking the cycle of gang life and how they no longer choose to fight outside the ring, only within it.

The documentary is told through the eyes of five young ex-offenders and disaffected youths, taking the viewer on an engaging and emotional journey through their recovery. It not only gives an insight into the troubles of post-gang life but also highlights how vital Carney’s Community has been in helping these young people be the best they can be.