Almost Cured (Trailer) - Best Documentary/ Non-Fiction Film Of The Month (DECEMBER 2017)

Only Trailer Available

Director: - Tom Dierolf

Genre: - Documentary, Short,Historical, Sports, Social Issues

Language: - English

Country: - Unites States of America

Duration : - 29 minutes 28 seconds


“After the first touchdown, the crowd was a little less racist, and after the second touchdown, they were Almost Cured”. Almost Cured is an honest, personalized account about racial integration in a small North Carolina Appalachian community in the midst of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement in 1963. Against a distressing backdrop of the South in tumultuous upheaval with widespread protests, bombings, deaths, and thousands of arrests, the teenage African-American players on the newly-integrated high school football team have the “weight of the world on their shoulders” as the team and community navigate to the championship game. Told through firsthand recollections and archival media, this heartfelt and revealing movie acknowledges that although we were and still are just ‘Almost Cured’, there is hope if we focus on what unites us.