Ageless Friends- Best Feature Film of the Month

Password: screener130

Director: - Marijn Poels

Genre: Documentary,Second World War, Friendship, Freedom, History, Queste

Language: - Dutch, English

Country: - Netherlands

Duration : -1 hour


In 2002, when Dutchman Maarten Vossen was 13 years old, he adopted one of the 8,300 graves at the American Military Cemetery in Margraten. His was the grave of Private First Class James E. Wickline.

Vossen started an unyielding quest to learn the story behind Wickline. In the Netherlands, as well as in West Virginia (USA), Maarten collected bits and pieces of the big puzzle. His determination and obsession brought him very close to the life of James. Eventually he managed to win support in America to honor “his soldier” with a bridge named after James E. Wickline.

Ageless Friends is the very intimate story of how the 27-year-old Dutchman built a friendship with an American soldier from another time.