A BITTER PILL (Trailer) - Best Short Film of the Month (August 2018)

Only Trailer available

Director: - ASHUTOSH JHA

Genre: -

Language: - Hindi

Country: - India

Duration : - 11 minutes 31 seconds

Synopsis: - A bitter pill is voluptuous staring of eyes, pretending attempts of negotiating physiques, undignified and annoying gestures and postures, obscene, vulgar and irresponsible remarks, and sometimes trying to share uncalled for company and even molest – all these causing immense emotional harassment and torture which an innocent, noble, modern, well educated, open minded liberal professional working girl who faces and consumes off and on in an awfully overcrowded traffics of contemporary metro cities inflicted up on by some uncultured and uncivilized men of low order mentality. The short film depicts physical, mental and emotional condition of a such girl who has undergone such sufferings. She is deeply disturbed and perturbed and has become mentally so unbalanced that she is unable to keep normal behaviour even with her boyfriend who is always loving and most caring towards her. Unaware of happenings, which she has met with, her boyfriend is upset and disappointed to see her unusually unresponsive and abnormal. But when he comes to know about the context he cajoles and extends loving sympathy and consoles to make her normal. Script and direction of the film by Ashutosh Jha.